Prakash Raj Lands In Legal Trouble

Mon Aug 26 2019 11:20:03 GMT+0530 (IST)

Popular actor Prakash Raj directed a film called Ulavacharu Biriyani a few years back. It was made simultaneously in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada. Later, Raj went on to remake it in Bollywood with Ali Fazal, Taapsee Pannu and Nana Patekar as the leads. But the film left unreleased till now due to financial issues.

Now, Raj has landed in legal trouble as the producers of this film Zee Group's Essel Vision filed a case on him over the non-payment of dues over Rs. 5.88 crores. The case was filed in Mumbi High Court in April earlier this year and Raj assured that he will pay the dues by mid-July. But the actor failed to do so.

Essel has approached the court once again when Raj failed to pay back the money. Raj came up with a cheque of Rs. 2 crores and handed it over to the producers. The court has ordered him to pay the dues by February next year and also made him hand over a couple of properties' documents to the Essel Group.