Prakash Raj's movie association to have names of Telugu States!

Tue Oct 12 2021 17:05:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

One can say with no doubt that the Movie Artists Association (MAA) election this year is not like the previous elections. Even the common people have closely observed the developments in the episode as they wanted to see who will win the MAA President post. The election was held recently and Manchu Vishnu was declared the winner of the election.

After the election results were out, veteran actor Prakash Raj who contested for the MAA chief post said that he is unable to see that regionalism played a big role in the election and announced his resignation from the association.

Keeping the flame in the MAA row burning, Prakash Raj panel is said to be in plans to resign from their membership as a bid to protest against bringing regionalism into the issue reportedly.

The panel had also alleged that Malpractice of votes took place in the election and cited anchor Anasuya Bharadwaj as an example. She was in the lead when the vote counting started. However, things went upside down for the Anchor-actress and she lost the elections in the end result.

If we have to take any information from the media reports, efforts are underway from Prakash Raj panel to set up a new association. The name of the association is expected to be Andhra Telangana Movie Artists Association. For this, members who are not happy with Manchu Vishnu's win came under one roof reportedly.

The main twist in the tale is that Prakash Raj and Mega brother Nagababu announcing their resignation is being dubbed as part of the plan to announce a new association. This is a new development in the episode that no one expected.

Prakash Raj might call for a press meet today to give clarity on this issue. If the news appears to be true, it's interesting to see how the bigwigs and seniors would react to the same. When Prakash Raj, Manchu Vishnu, and others made comments against each other, the seniors stepped in and urged them to not make such comments.

Despite the seniors like Murali Mohan and Rebel Star Krishnam Raju trying hard to see that the elections would be unanimous and the MAA President would be elected without elections, elections were called.