MAA Elections: Prakash Raj wants release of CCTV Footage

Thu Oct 14 2021 17:34:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

After the MAA elections were over, everyone thought that the issues related to the election episode would be sorted out and the MAA members would move on from the issue and get busy with their work. But that is not what is happening at present.

Actor Prakash Raj who lost the recent MAA elections gave a new direction to the issue by writing to the election office of MAA elections requesting him for the CCTV footage on the day of the election commencement. Everyone wants to know what happened that day, he said.

The senior actor had once again accused Mohan Babu and Naresh of attacking his panel members. When the elections were underway, Mohan Babu scolded Banarjee and Tanish at the time of polling, he told the media on Thursday.

The elections should be done transparently as per the guidelines issued by the Supreme Court. As you have mentioned, CCTV cameras were set up at the time of polling, we want to see the footage. Mohan Babu bet Tanish and Banerjee, Prakash Raj said in the letter.

In the letter that was written to the election officer Krishna Mohan, Prakash Raj had maintained that the situation would have been worse if Manchu Manoj was not present there. To know what happened, the CCTV footage should be released at the earliest.

The behavior of Mohan Babu and Naresh would have been recorded in the CCTV camera. Once the CCTV footage is released, then the doubts on this will be cleared. This is why we are requesting to make the CCTV footage public, Prakash Raj added in the letter.

MAA Election Officer Krishna Mohan gave a response to Prakash Raj's letter saying that he will give the CCTV footage to Prakash Raj as per the guidelines. The footage is safe and there is nothing to worry about, he said.

Earlier a few members from the Prakash Raj panel had alleged that the returning officer took the ballot papers to his house. Rubbishing the allegations, the election officer said, nothing like that happened. Only the locks of the ballot boxes were taken but not the papers, he said.