Pranitha Above All Other Actresses!

Fri Mar 27 2020 20:05:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tollywood actresses take crores of remuneration for their movies. They even take the money for charity shows. But when it comes to the charity on their own, they are lagging behind.

We all know how the world is struggling with the deadly Corona Virus. With the overspread of this monster, all the world is shut down, and none are working for their living right now.

With these situations, the laborers who work daily for their survival have lost their source of income, and the responsibility of their lives has gone to the government's hands. The government should also bear the expenses to treat the Corona infected. So, it is a big burden for the governments to take care of the people.

So, a few of the celebrities have come forward and donated to the welfare of the people and some are directly helping the people by providing necessary goods for them.

In this case, the gorgeous actress with good heart, Pranitha, has come forward and donated one lakh rupees. Pranitha has no hand full of movies in recent years. Her career is almost in the fading stage but even in these situations, she came to help the people. The Tollywood actresses with star image should learn some charity from Pranitha and come forward with their contributions.