Actress Impresses With Her Service Yet Again!

Sun May 24 2020 09:46:50 GMT+0530 (IST)

Who knows better ways than the actresses to be in touch with their fans even amid crisis? All the actresses are mostly posting the home yoga, exercise in the indoors kind of videos on Instagram and Facebook while few of them even are trying their hand at cooking and just posting the videos on social media.

There are few other actors and actresses who are just doing service to the needy. Earlier, Actress Pranitha Subhash impressed social media by donating meal packets to the needy. She has herself cooked in her hotel and fed the needy in the hour of crisis.

Now, the actress is seen distributing the Sanitizers to the Auto Drivers. This is in a way to improve the hygiene of these poor men who always be in public and serve the transport need of the people.

It is time for the other actresses to help the needy and stop their foolish skin show on social media which is of no help to anyone! Netigens are just appreciating the real service of Pranitha and are adoring how good she is at heart. Many have become fans with this act rather than her whole acting career!