Bapu Gari Bomma Winning Hearts Yet Again

Sat May 23 2020 19:40:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Atharintiki Daaredi actress Pranitha has been in the news ever since the lockdown is imposed in the country. The 27 year old actress is well known for the generous heart by stretching her help during these testing days.

This generous actress is distributing the essential to the people nearby her house and feeding many people serving food which prepared all by herself.

Now, she is again in the news for providing sanitizers and interior sheets for auto drivers who resumed their services with the government relaxations.

"Autos have started plying in the city & it's very important to maintain good hygiene. Transp Sheets to separate the customer & auto drivers is a must. Thought we can provide this to 100+ drivers along with a bottle of chemical to sanitise handles and interiors of the auto b/w customers," she wrote on Twitter. Netizens applaud for the help did by Pranitha to auto drivers.