Pretty Anchor Banking On Glamorous Photoshoots?

Thu Jul 07 2022 12:57:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

Things changed rapidly for budding anchor Sravanthi after she appeared on the famous show Bigg Boss. Her stint as the Bigg Boss constant brought her good fame and she is being approached for shows and programs by the TV channels. Sravanthi is currently riding high on the success of the Bigg Boss show.

To take forward the fame she got with Bigg Boss, the Telugu anchor is spicing up things. At regular intervals, Sravanthi drops hot and gorgeous pics on her social media handles.

The gorgeous anchor yet again grabbed everyone's attention with a hot photoshop. Donning a black outfit, she flaunted her curvaceous body and made many glued to her pic. One has to admit that she had set the screen on fire.

Looks like she is banking on her glamour these days. In TV programs as well, she is making sure that she leaves her impact on the viewers. There are very less anchors who add glamour to the screen and she is expected to make a few more heads turn.

The grapevine says Sravanthi is being considered by a few TV channels for the shows. There is a piece of big news that Sravanthi might replace Annasuya in Jabardast as the anchor. Though no official news was announced so far, the circles say Sravanathi is being considered for the anchor post.

Sravanthi also has experience in hosting events and taking interviews. She shot to fame with TV interviews. People started talking about her after her interview with team Pushpa went vital. She surprised team Pushpa and everyone with her Chittoor slang. She aced the slang and congratulated the team on scoring a big success.

TV presenter Suma Kanakala is now riding high on her star status as an anchor. All the big events of films go to Suma and small events cannot get the dates of Suma and they want a pretty face for the shows.

Her experience as an anchor and presenter might come in handy in getting the offers and her glamour is an added benefit to her. If things go well and as per plans, she might rise high.