Priyamani's stunning reply to a person, who asked for her nude picture

Wed Mar 31 2021 18:54:21 GMT+0530 (IST)

What you call a dangerous and disgusting trend, female celebrities often face an awkward moment of their followers on social media skiing for their nude pictures. In the recent past, a few female celebrities were asked the same.

Actress Priyamani was the recent celebrity to face such a question. The actress recently shared a picture on her Instagram wearing a black dress. While her followers showered the post with likes and comments, a nasty follower asked the actress to upload her nude picture.

Rather than sparing the user, the actress gave it back to the rude user. Replying to the comment, Priyamani replied “First ask your sister or mother to post… once they do then I will post”.

After Priyamani gave a stunning reply, her followers too bashed the follower who made the disgusting comment. The user realised his mistake at last and apologized to Priyamani.

It has to be noted that recently, tall beauty Pooja Hegde faced a similar situation. When one of her followers asked for a nude picture, Pooja Hegde shared a picture of her feet. She captioned the post 'nange pao'.

The netizens have to be careful about the comments to put for the celebrities' posts. They will land in unwanted trouble if they make comments crossing the borderline.