Priyanka Chopra Claims They Get Too Much Credit!

Fri Nov 18 2022 11:49:55 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Stunning beauty Priyanka Chopra is living a great life in Los Angeles and she became a mother via surrogacy a few months back and asked the paparazzi to respect their privacy. The 'Desi Girl' doesn't have any qualms when it comes to skin show and can give any young heroine a run for their money when it comes to glamour. The 40-year-old has a lot of followers on social media and she is without a doubt one of the finest actresses in the past two decades.

After beginning her career in 2003 with 'The Hero: Love Story Of A Spy', she grew into a big Bollywood star who worked with all the big North Indian heroes. She gained a lot of craze in India before making her way into Hollywood with hit series 'Quantico'. She did a lot of movies including 'Baywatch' and 'The Matrix Resurrections'. As we know, she is doing the female lead in 'Citadel' which is produced by the Russo brothers. She claims that working with the best filmmakers brought out the best in her.

In an interview, she said, "This doesn't have to do with just working with the best in the business in the States. Even when I was working in Bollywood, working with the best filmmakers taught me how to be the best actor. We give too much credit to actors; actors do nothing by the way. We really don't. I've always said this. Actors do nothing."

She added, "We say out somebody else's words, we are working on a script that is written by someone else, we are lip-syncing and singing songs that are in someone else's voice. We're dancing steps that are choreographed by somebody else. We are doing marketing, where questions are asked by somebody else. We are dressed by somebody, hair and makeup are done by somebody. So what am I doing? So my job only comes in between action and cut. Those 30 seconds of a scene, is where I come in. And then when I talk about the movie etc. So I have a very limited role."

Coming to her future projects, Priyanka will be seen in a romantic drama 'Text For You' opposite Sam Heughan. She is also part of the Hollywood web series 'Citadel' alongside Richard Madden. Priyanka is going to be seen as spiritual guru Anand Sheela in 'Sheela' and it is going to be released on Amazon Prime. She is also acting in 'Cowboy Ninja Viking' opposite Chris Pratt and 'Jee Le Zara' under Farhan Akhtar's direction. Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif are also the leads in this interesting project.

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