Producer Steps In To Sort Out Hero vs News Channel Row!

Fri May 13 2022 13:32:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

He is a promising hero from Telugu cinema who had shown his talent as an actor and director as well. Known for his electrifying screen space, the young hero created a niche for himself in the industry. By trying different scripts, the hero proved the point that he cannot do monotonous films.

Though he is riding high on the success of his recent venture, his film had landed in a big controversy after the hero locked horns with a lady anchor working in a leading news channel. The issue got bigger with the hero and anchor having contradictory views on the prank video that was planned to promote the hero’s recent film.

After the prank video went viral, an advocate filed a petition saying that doing such videos is not good for society. The news channel held a debate on the prank video to show its stand against the video. The young hero showed up at the discussion and tried to prove his point that there is nothing wrong with doing the prank videos.

Things escalated quickly when the news anchor asked the hero to leave the studio after a heated argument. There were reports both the hero and anchor were in plans to complain against each other.

Adding a big twist to the tale, a senior producer who enjoys a good rapport with the news channel management is said to have stepped in to sort out the issue. The producer had convinced both parties to not take any action against each other and urged them to bury the issue.

As the producer personally knows the management as the owner of the news channel is a partner in the venture that was started by the producer. With the duo having good relations, the producer asked the news channel's management to leave the issue and forget what had happened.

Thanks to the intervention of the famous producer, the issue looks like it is sorted out now. With both sides reportedly saying yes to the suggestion given by the producer, the issue which made many heads turn at the industry and even attracted the attention of the national media.