Producer's Unpleasant Behaviour Is Iirking The Buyers

Mon Oct 22 2018 15:12:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

No matter which high-budget project the producers are dealing with, they have to make sure that they are polite to others. But it seems like the producers who are currently bankrolling the biggest biopic are irritating the buyers with their behaviour.

Apparently, the producers of the high-budget biopic film are hurting the distributors not only with the prices but also the behaviour. An overseas distributor came forward to buy the rights of that biopic for 17 Crs but the producer quoted 20 Crs. The producer further stated that his price is final and he won't even reduce a single penny and said that he can buy only if he is ready to give that amount. Also, the producer dealt with the executives from digital streaming services in the same way.

The Producer reportedly walked out of the meeting with the digital media as he was not satisfied with the 21 Crores offer. The distributors are getting irritated with the producer's unpleasant behaviour. Though it is a big project, the distributors are now not showing interest in it because of the producers.

We have to see how many more buyers will have to face such situations with the producers before the project wraps up!