Producers Demand Impacting Digital Platforms!

Mon May 22 2023 19:32:35 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

It is known that the non-theatrical rights of films increased after the Covid. The demand for OTTs increased massively as people got habituated to the platforms. The craze for streaming is increasing day by day. The subscription charges of the platforms also increased. Following this, the producers are quoting big prices to sell their products. This resulted in star heroes increasing their remuneration Digital platforms are showing more interest in Telugu Content as the budgets of the films increased.

The situation of the market changed as the craze for Telugu films has been increasing for two years. Now it is said that two leading producers are busy making plans to encash the situation.

Plannings are underway reportedly to get the investment made on the films with digital rights itself. Even big platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix are also shocked by the planning. Producer of an upcoming Pan-India film reportedly quoted digital rights for hundreds of films.

This is touted as the highest quote in the Indian Cinema to date. The producer quoted the price for all languages and he had sent the different quotations for two platforms. Though there is a big difference between the quotations, they were made based on the budget of the films.

The two platforms are said to be busy rethinking this. The producer of a star hero's film also quoted a high price reportedly. Hero's craze and the identity the producer has at the Pan-India level decide the prices. This is said to have made the digital platform back off from the offer.

The platforms are reportedly taking a backstep due to the heavy quotations the producers are making based on the hero's craze. The money the platforms pay to lock a project is being used as an investment. It appears that this is reducing the financial burden on the producers.