Producers Guild Wants to Review Work done by Newly formed bodies?

Sun Aug 07 2022 18:44:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Tollywood Film Industry caught itself in the middle of a few troubles like the protests by film workers and the alleged big remunerations taken by the stars. To look into this, the Active Telugu Film Producers Council gave a call for halt of the shoots.

The Guild which has been taking active part and leading the initiative constituted three committees that look into various issues pertaining to the film industry. The bodies will have a look into the issues and come up with recommendations.Days after forming the committees, the producers guild called for another key meeting.

The film circles say that the meeting is like a review meeting as the guild wants to know what the committees have done so far in the issues.

The Guild is expected to ask the committees to inform what they have done as of now and what they would do next. If the guild members are satisfied, then the commissties would go deeper in the issue and chalk out an action plan.

On the other hand, the producers guild might also discuss how to go about in the shooting halt. The move to stop the shootings got mixed reviews as the films which have release dates locked are facing issues with the halt and the issue might also be discussed to see if the members of the Guild will give any alternatives.