Puri Gets Comfy With 'iSmart Shankar' Ladies

Wed Mar 27 2019 12:47:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

When compared to North, most of the Tollywood directors maintain some distance with the female leads of the film. Director putting his hand around the waist of the Leading lady of the film while posing to the camera is not something common in Telugu.

Some say that Telugu directors will be very shy and extremely conscious about what is going to happen when rumors spread about them. But the one and only Tollywood director who is known for his Bollywood style not only in his filmmaking but also in his behavior is dashing director Puri Jagannath. The director has been suffering from back to back the debacles lately. Even his recent outing 'Mehbooba' ended up as a disaster. The director is going to test his luck with his upcoming movie 'iSmart Shankar' and recently during the schedule wrap party, a picture of the movie unit came out which is now going viral on the internet. In that picture, Puri is seen wrapping his arm around the leading lady of the film, Niddhi Agerwal's waist. To his right, is seen the former actress and Charmi Kaur holding Puri's hand.

Charmi is executive producer of this movie and has been close to Puri from a long time. This picture of Puri's casual posing is grabbing the attention. The lead actor of the film, Ram also posed to the camera.