Viral Video: Puri Jagannath Explains How We Are Better Than Other Countries!

Sun Mar 29 2020 19:32:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Puri Jagannath, the maverick director of Telugu Cinema, decided to address the issue of many people feeling uncomfortable during the Lockdown in India and looking for ways to go out of their homes.

He said, "Yes, our lives have taken a hit. We are unable to step out freely. We don't know how many days we can survive with the groceries, we bought.

"We don't know what is the situation, tomorrow. But we have a better life than many. There are illegal migrants, who die at the border trying to cross it everyday.

"In some western countries, they stay at the wall, trying to get permission to enter into the other country.

"Mold people or Homeless people in USA live under tunnels, they are called Tunnel people too. Bajau people in Philippines live on boats their entire life.

" Like this there are many examples and situations of people living in difficult conditions. Everyone is trying to survive and we have a home, freedom and a hope for normalcy after Lockdown. Let's co-operate and stay at Home," requested Puri Jagannath.

Even though he tried to come up with some extreme examples to current situation forced by Covid-19 outbreak, he did ride home the point that we are just not understanding the gravity of the situation, just because of we lost our privileges for few days!