Puri Suggests A Special Rice To His Listeners!

Tue May 11 2021 18:11:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

Dashing director Puri Jagannadh is back with 'Puri Musings' once again. During the lockdown, Puri started online podcasting and shared some interesting facts and life lessons. After the lockdown got lifted, he became busy with the shooting of his upcoming film 'Liger'. With shootings coming to a halt, he back to his podcasts again.

Recently he shared some details about 'Rajamudi Rice' which is a special kind of crop grown in Karnataka. He said that they should be kept in water for at least 4-6 hours before cooking and they should not be cooked in a cooker but on boiled water instead. He added that the rice helps for people suffering from diabetes and women should also use it as it helps them controlling excessive bleeding during monthly periods and reduces stomach cramps.

He went onto say that it is called Rajamudi Rice since it was given as tax to the king. He stated that there used to be over one lakh varieties of rice but with farmers not teaching their kids about farming, we are only left with 6000 types of rice. He gave some important trivia about Rajamudi rice saying that it has anti-oxidants and zinc. Listen to it and find more about this yourself!