Pushpa The Rule to include Hindi actors?

Wed Jan 12 2022 21:23:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sukumar has been trying to complete the script work for the second part of Pushpa and he has seen how people are waiting for his film.

Pushpa character has become a hit with everyone even though people expressed problems with his writing, but Pushpa character has been universally accepted.

Allu Arjun performed as if his life dependent on it and the actor is raring to take on it again after a small break. In the meantime, looking at the kind of reception it received in Hindi speaking areas, producers have plans to bring in popular Hindi actors.

Sukumar is making changes accordingly and soon he will lock the script for the second part. As per the reports, Fahad Fassil and Allu Arjun clash will be the main attraction but there will be big characters that will propel the fight.

Rashmika Mandanna and others will be back along with them but which ever character had to die in the first part will be replaced with even stronger characters in the second part.

From March end, shoot of the second part could start and this time, director and makers don't want to rush it as the expectations will be sky high.