Pushpa climax would have been more violent and raw!

Sun Dec 26 2021 17:21:21 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Uppi 2 movie starts with a gang of youngsters surrounding an Aghora. They tease him asking him to show the complete truth if he has guts and the old man opens it all to stand naked. He says to the camera that no one can digest the real truth, as the gang runs away from there.

If the buzz about Pushpa climax is true, audiences, mainly family audiences, would have run away from the theater screaming. Yes, your guess is right. As per the buzz, Sukumar initially thought about having both Allu Arjun and Fahad Fassil walking into the village naked.

He dropped that idea and had them stand in boxer shorts. Similarly, he had planned a lengthy action sequence for the climax of part 1 hurting Bhanwar Singh Shekawat further in the hands of Pushpa.

Sukumar had to drop this idea due to lack of dates to prepare for an action sequence. Hence, he extended the confrontation scenes and did not get time to trim them down in the script itself.

Second part will have Fahad and Allu Arjun going at each other with some more new characters coming into the picture, say sources. We just hope Sukumar gets all the time in the world to finish the movie as he wants and we get a better complete film.