RGV Announces Another Controversial Film "Allu"

Sun Aug 02 2020 12:55:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

Not less than a month for RGV's Power Star, sensational director Ram Gopal Varma has yet again announced another controversial film, titled "Allu." Even though the film industry was stalled due to a sudden outbreak, the ace director is taking no break releasing back to back controversial films on his digital platform.

While announcing the project 'Allu', RGV said "It is the fictional story of what one brother in law from behind did to the family of a very big star. The story starts after the star announces his 'Jana Rajyam' Party.

The reason for picking title 'Allu' is the main lead in the film is master in making different plans, either they are good or bad, he has become a master in planning. He stays next to his brother in law and makes plans to save his power said RGV.

Allu will have characters called, A Aaravind, K Chiraaanjeevi, Prawan Kalyan, A Aaarjun, A Sheeresh, K R Chraran, N Baebu and etc etc.

The director also said that Allu is not a non-fictional film. He is not doing this film to take revenge for calling abusing him and he swore this is his love for the family.