RGV Calls Modi As No.1 Horror Director In The World!

Mon May 03 2021 16:07:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Wherever there is a hot topic, there is Ram Gopal Varma. The maverick director never misses out an opportunity to be in the headlines. Irrespective of his movie results, RGV stays in the heads of people thanks to his controversial statements and crazy tweets all the time. After commenting on so many prolific personalities, he started spitting fire on India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

He posted a photo of a group of dead bodies getting burned and blamed Narendra Modi for not handling the Corona crisis properly. He tweeted, "Thank u @narendramodi sir for giving us such wonderfully beautiful horror visuals. If u ever lose ur job as P M, U can say F off to india because u will be the no.1 horror film director in the WORLD."

He even added, "Mere Desh Vaasiyon ! My point was not about whether we should plead for help when we need it ..it's about him boasting about offering help to other countries not realising we will be needing more help than them #ModiBharatMahaan." Seems like RGV got the attention he craved for and we need to see how long he continues throwing stones at Modi in order to grab more attention.