RGV Compares Legendary Cricketer's Biopic With His Next!

Wed Jun 29 2022 13:17:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Maverick filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma was once considered a pathbreaker in Indian cinema. He introduced a new style of filmmaking and took everyone by surprise. His 'Shiva' stunned the audience and left them speechless. Many industry people claim that the Telugu film industry can be divided as pre-Shiva and post 'Shiva'. He shook the Indian cinema with movies like 'Sathya', 'Company', 'Rangeela', 'Gaayam', 'Sarkar' and many others.

He developed a cult following and also introduced a lot of fresh blood to the industry during the 90s and 2000s. But, his standards went way low over the past decade or so. He started making films based on controversy and stopped focusing on the content. He has come to a stage where people started ignoring his movies. Even his publicity stunts are barely working these days and his latest release 'Kondaa' is a big example of it. A lot of people don't even know that the film was released last week. Now, he is coming up with another project named 'Ladki'.
It is a Martial Arts based movie that features Pooja Bhalekar. The trailer showcased that it has a lot of stunts and Varma mark weird camera angles which showcased the heroine in the most vulgar manner. The movie got postponed a lot of times and this movie is hitting the screens on 15th July.

He is now using Mithali Raj's biopic 'Shabhaash Mithu' to promote 'Ladki'. He made several tweets linking them together. He wrote, "2 different AURAT’S  in MARD’S arena on July 15th ..One in CRICKET, other in MARTIAL ARTS . A great day to prove WOMEN’s  POWER is more than MEN." In another tweet, "@Taapsee‘s LEG is her BAT and her BALL is a BALL and @PoojaBofficial‘s BAT is her LEG and her BALL is a MAN ..U can see the difference on JULY 15 th and for now." He also wrote, "15th July special in Indian Cinema.1st time showcasing 2 women’s POWER over men’s POWER .Tapsee Pannu & Pooja Bhalekar to HIT and KICK in 2  WOMEN EMPOWERMENT films."