Addosthe Khabardaar, Says RGV

Tue Feb 05 2019 10:27:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ram Gopal Varma's promotions for Lakshmi's NTR are out of the world. The director is leaving no stone unturned to make sure that he gets the right attention for the movie. Last night, he posted a morphed picture of his and wrote, "Aaey #LakshmisNTR release ki yevaraina addosthe Khabardaar Rrreyy NTR Kathanayakudoo kaadhu , Mahanayakudoo kaadhu ra ..Aayana Asalu Nayakudu ..Aa nijam rendu telugu raashtraala prajalakee  #LakshmisNTR loni asalu kadhalo telusthundhiraa..Double Khabardaar. NTR gaaru Asalu Nayakudu , Nenu Mudhuru Naa kodukuni ..Migatha vaallu rakarakaala vere rakaala naayakulu, vennu potu naayakulatho sahaa."

After posting the picture, he also took a dig at Nara Lokesh. Posting the morphed picture of Lokesh, RGV tweeted that Lokesh is wasting his time as a politician and he can be a good film star when compared to Tarak.

"Awww I am scared looking at his awesome personality ..I am not sure who he is but he looks more seriously intense than Dawood Ibrahim, Osama bin laden and Paritala Ravi ..Can someone please tell me who he is? Aravindha sametha's collections would have been triple times if this super duper amazing new guy was casted instead of @tarak9999. Someone told me he is in politics but I think he should be in films and I also heard his dialogue delivery is FANTASTIC and his pronounciation is out of the world compared to
@tarak9999. So why is he wasting time in politics instead of becoming a film star? tweeted RGV along with the morphed picture of Lokesh Nara.

We have to see if someone close to Lokesh or Lokesh himself comments back.