Industry Will Celebrate The Failure Of 'RRR': Ram Gopal Varma

Sat Jun 06 2020 18:40:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Before the release of every film, Ram Gopal Varma follows a strategy. He makes a controversial statement that turns everyone's head towards him. He stays in news for some time and swiftly shifts the topic onto his new release and makes sure that it gets enough buzz. Then the film gets released, makes good money and Varma happily lifts a bottle of vodka.

Now that his film 'Climax' is getting released online, he made a controversial statement now. He said that the concept of industry becoming united is a 'Pachi Boothu' and claimed that no one has unity. Speaking to a news channel, he stated that all these people talking about unity will be flowing in champagne if Rajamouli's 'RRR' becomes a flop. He added that they cannot stand someone scoring a big hit and they will be loathing with jealousy as they wish that others get flops all the time.

He made such comments to promote his new film and everybody knows it. Nonetheless, he becomes successful in grabbing everyone's attention and reached his target.