Pic Talk: RGV With His Bold Girls

Mon Sep 13 2021 08:26:58 GMT+0530 (IST)

Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has taken a complete detour. He has started focusing more on bold interviews with happening young Telugu actresses than on his films.
Varma's latest social media post implies the same. He is seen posing with two bold girls, Ashu Reddy and Ariana.

Incidentally, Varma recently took part in bold interviews with these two young actresses. Now, he is seen posing with them.

"I hope more and more young women will become more BOLD and HONEST than @ariyanaglory and @AshuReddi  and incidentally Don't miss their faces and my shoes. With the BOLD GIRLS @ariyanaglory and @AshuReddi's at the latters birthday party ..i am worshipping their HONEST SiNCIERITY," Varma captioned these photos.