'RRR' Heroes & Rajamouli Not On The Same Page About Sequel!

Tue Jan 17 2023 19:41:18 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

During the interviews with national and foreign media, SS Rajamouli confirmed that there might be a sequel to 'RRR'. We all know, how big of a success 'RRR' turned out to be. It shattered records in India and it won the hearts of a lot of international audience. The movie has been bagging international awards left right and centre with the Golden Globe Award being the icing on the cake. People are hoping for an Oscar too which explains the level of success this movie managed to achieve.

While people are getting excited about the prospect of 'RRR – 2', it looks the movie's heroes Ram Charan and NTR are not on the same page with Rajamouli about this. When asked about this, Tarak said, "Unfortunately we have no idea about it. We had no clue about "RRR 2" until he spoke about it. So if you interview him, you should actually get the clarity from him so that we know when it's starting, so that we can keep our calendar free."

Charan added, "We heard it for the first time when he was talking to you guys. I mean, we're not kidding on this. We never spoke about it." Tarak claimed that Rajamouli never tells them anything. Continuing this, Ram Charan stated, "I would say it's a bad thing. I hate surprises. He knows we clear the calendars whenever he calls us. He takes us for granted."

These video clips are currently going viral and we need to see if there is going to be an 'RRR – 2' or not.