'Radhe' Benefits Bunny & DSP Alone!

Fri May 14 2021 16:31:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Salman Khan's latest offering 'Radhe-Your Most Wanted Bhai' met with horrendous reviews. This action entertainer directed by Prabhudeva didn't impress anyone and the over-the-top performances tested the patience of the audience. Not just the critics but the audience are also bashing the film left, right and center. The film got a rating of 2.5 on IMDB which explains volumes about 'Radhe'.

It seems like only two people benefit from this film and they are in no way attached to it. The first person is Rockstar Devi Sri Prasad. His chartbuster tune 'Seetimaar' which he composed for 'DJ' was reused in 'Radhe'. While the dances were terrible, the peppy tune impressed the North audience and the song crossed 120 million views within a short time and is still going strong. The song turned out to be a huge hit which is sure to work in DSP's favor.

The second person is none other than Allu Arjun. The North audience who saw Salman's 'Seetimaar' would've definitely watched Bunny's version and his craze in the North is sure to grow multifold. Also, Salman himself thanked Bunny through a special tweet which is sure to increase his popularity. On the whole, it is DSP and Bunny who are going to enjoy 'Radhe' the most.