Radhika Apte's Take On Sexual Abuse

Sat Oct 21 2017 16:10:22 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hollywood is currently discussing a lot about the latest allegations of sexual abuse on the popular producer Harvey Weinstein. Now the same has been creating a buzz in Bollywood industry. A lot of heroines in Bollywood are getting ready to open up about the sexual abuse in the film industry. Radhika Apte who always tries to be controversial regarding such aspects participated in Mumbai festival and spoke about the same.

She has supported the ongoing social media campaign #MeToo and said that she has never experienced such situations so far in her life but told that she has heard a lot about the same and added that there are such things that happen in Bollywood too. Radhika Apte expressed her happiness that a lot of women are opening up about the sexual abuse they faced with this #MeToo campaign. Radhika Apte also said that she was never involved in forced sex.

The actress earlier made comments on south Indian Industry that few producers has asked her to come to their room and as the situation has come now, it is a question if she would also talk about those producers.