Rajamouli Has A Request For RRR Heroes

Thu Sep 12 2019 16:37:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

RRR is going to be the biggest project being made in Telugu film industry now. Rajamouli is the director of the film and the entire film fraternity is looking forward to the movie in excitement.

But, the promotions of the movie is turning out to be the biggest worry for the director and because of the same reason, he ignored a couple of opportunities where he could have promoted the film by releasing the first look posters.

Since Ram Charan and Jr NTR who are playing the leads in RRR enjoys a huge fan base online, Rajamouli is worried that they might fight on the social media comparing the heroes and it might generate a negative buzz on the project at the National level. Already, the Mega and Nandamuri fans are always fighting over one or the other thing but this time, it might turn out to be a huge one.

Rajamouli is actually clueless to find a solution for the same. He is also worried if Mega fans will get hurt in the case of some promotional material about Jr NTR coming first and vice-versa.

Hence, the sources close to the director revealed that Rajamouli is planning to appeal both the heroes to make public statements to control the fans before any promotion begins for the film.

It has to be seen if the heroes come forward to unite the fan clubs, putting their personal egos aside!