Rajamouli's dual plan for Mahesh Babu

Sun May 22 2022 18:28:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

SS Rajamouli is the most sought-after filmmaker in Indian cinema now. He followed up box office blockbuster Baahubali with another box office winner, RRR. The star director will be working with Mahesh Babu for his next project.

As per the latest reports, Rajamouli has come up with a dual plan for Mahesh Babu. The star director is not penning just one script but he is penning two of them for Mahesh Babu.

Rajamouli has two concrete ideas in mind for Mahesh Babu and he intends to develop both of them with great precision. The star director wants to materialize these scripts and then take them to Mahesh Babu.

Mahesh Babu too is eager about the prospect of working with India's finest filmmaker, SS Rajamouli for SSMB 29 and he will be taking the final call on the script along with Rajamouli very soon.

The initial idea is to commence filming for SSMB29 from early next year and release it in theatres towards the end of 2024. But this plan is subject to change based on the shooting schedules.