Rajamouli gives a rude shock to Acharya

Fri Jan 21 2022 21:39:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

The makers of RRR have announced that they are contemplating two release dates for the film. "If the pandemic situation in the country gets better and all theatres open up to operate at full capacity, we are ready to release the film on 18th March 2022. Otherwise, RRR Movie will release on 28th April 2022," the statement from team RRR read.

But the interesting observation is that RRR has dealt a major shock to Acharya, which was announced for release on the 1st of April.

If RRR actually locks 28 April release slot, then there is no way Rajamouli will let Acharya release on 1st April, as this film also features Ram Charan. If Acharya releases ahead of RRR, it will take out the anticipation surrounding Ram Charan's character as the audience would have already seen him in the former.

Also, releasing after RRR can only help Acharya as Ram Charan would have already attained pan-India stardom with RRR and that will greatly boos the business prospects of Acharya.

So, it is certain that Acharya will not be releasing on the 1st of April, as announced earlier. The makers are expected to announce the new release date very soon.