Did You Know That Rajamouli Is A Fan Of ...?!

Thu May 23 2019 12:45:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

SS Rajamouli is highly criticised for being an ardent follower of some English series and old war films.

Some say that he takes scenes from those films and re-produce them in his films, in his style but it is identifiable.

Many of them, point out to one series and that is Game of Thrones, mostly. Some say he even used the battle scenes from the movie, as it is.

Well, the director never agreed to such comments but he did agree that he is a fan of the show. You can see his emotional tweets after the end of the series, here.

"Good bye @GameOfThrones..
What a journey it has been..For ten years you made our emotions rise and fall in an emotional roller coaster ride.. The impression you've made on art of story telling will be difficult to emulate for years to come."

"The characters whether dead are alive, are etched deeply into our memories. Thank you..
Yes the #GoTS8 was disappointing, But I guess you were hinting us from the begining...#GameOfThrones "

Did he copy or took inspiration or not is something people will decide but seeing him as a nerd for such popular series made Telugu GOT fans happy!