When Rajni Warned Not To Make 'Shakti'

Wed Oct 30 2019 17:24:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

Remember 'Shakti' which gave unending sleepless nights to everyone involved with that film? Who could forget this disastrous masterpiece from Meher Ramesh? Do you know that Rajnikanth warned the film's producer Ashwini Dutt to stay away for this film?

Recently in an interview given to a Youtube channel, Dutt revealed his horrifying experience of making 'Shakti'. He said that he told his good friend superstar Rajnikanth about this film and the latter warned not to attempt such subjects involving Shaktipeethas. Rajni already attempted a film dealing with gods called 'Baba' and tasted a disaster. With that experience he may have warned Dutt but the latter went ahead with the film without considering Rajni's suggestion.

'Shakti' which was released amidst immense hype and heavy expectations was declared a massive failure from the premiers itself. It was made with the highest budget at that time and it couldn't even recover 30% of its investment. The result of this film made Ashwini Dutt to take a long sabbatical from production as he was left with a lot of losses. Wonder what made the producer and the hero to believe in that lacklustre film? Is it the concept or the combination?