Exclusive: Rakul Preet Singh Talks About Manmadhudu-2 With Tupaki

Tue Aug 06 2019 15:00:34 GMT+0530 (IST)

Rakul Preet Singh after a less positive 16 months, since Spyder, is elated with the success of the film - De De Pyaar De with Ajay Devgn, Tabu in Hindi. A similar kind of story but with different characters is being explored in her next Telugu film - Manmadhudu-2. She is sharing screen space with Akkineni Nagarjuna for the first time and as the movie is ready to hit theatres on 9th August, Rakul sat with Tupaki.com for an exclusive chit-chat. Here are the excerpts ...

Q) Hi Rakul, how is your shuttle service going?

Rakul: (Shocked with the question and after comprehending what we meant, laughed) You mean shuttle that moves from Mumbai to Chennai to Hyderabad, right? (We nod in yes..) (She laughs again) It is going great. At present, I have no free time and the projects are good too. I can't say about future but present is great!

Q) That's great to hear. How are you being able to maintain yourself during this hectic schedule between Bollywood and Telugu Cinema?

Rakul: In Tollywood, most of my next films starting with Manmadhudu-2 are almost ready for release. Few are in scripting stages and once they go on sets, I will be busy here. In Bollywood, it is similar situation too. I have few scripts and lucrative projects which I can't disclose yet. If we have proper planning, we can take on as much work as possible. I am health conscious and I believe our body and mind should be fit to be sharp at all occasions. I became busy in Bollywood recently and I am excited to see what future holds for me there.

Q) There are rumours that you shifted your focus to Bollywood as offers in Telugu Cinema were scarce, what is your comment on them?

Rakul: (Angry with the question she took some time to control herself. She went onto answer...) These kind of rumours are logic less and I believe no one should really care about them. I am getting offers from Bollywood because I am famous here. Famous means I have film offers, I have some box office craze and I am liked by people. Taking all these factors into account, Bollywood is giving me offers. They are not just randomly calling me. May be some of my seniors looked at Bollywood after their career here, but you cannot just assume that even I am going their way. Language is not a barrier for actors, people who spread rumours should remember that!

Q) We agree with that. But you have been doing roles besides aged heroes lately, why so?

Rakul: You're looking for some controversial answers, aren't you? (Laughs...) Yes, I am working with aged heroes as you said. But these kind of roles and scripts are not that often. To be honest, not many actresses get such offers too. I am fortunate to be able to do them. I liked my role and I am doing it. Well, I beg to differ with the categorisation of these Superstars as aged. I mean look at them.  They are hardworking and they are as young and fit as younger heroes too. I have no such reservations and if the story is good, I will work with any actor - senior or young, in future too.

Q) You shared screen space with two actors from same family but different generations. How is that experience?

Rakul: First cool question from you after we started the interview, (laughs...) I feel blessed. I am happy to be able to act as heroine besides two generation heroes from same family. It is a very rare phenomenon. I acted with Megastar Chiranjeevi garu and Ram Charan in Bruce Lee before. Now, I acted with Nagarjuna garu and Chaitu, before. Please, don't ask me who is best co-star among the two, now (laughing out loud..)

* Thank you very much Rakul for your time and we wish all the success for Manmadhudu-2.

Rakul: Thank you too. I wish all the readers of this interview on Tupaki.Com will only watch our film in theatres.