Ram Charan Is Celebrating That "Best Decision Ever"!

Thu Feb 20 2020 21:02:30 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chiranjeevi started his career as an actor in 1978 in Telugu Cinema and when he is still trying to find his feat as a hero, he got married to Allu Surekha, now Konidela Surekha.

This became beneficial to his career as Allu Aravind took good care of the projects he is accepting and later when he became a star with Khaidi, he made sure that the stardom increases with appropriate films as producer and distributor.

Chiranjeevi and Aravind friendship flourished so much because of happy marriage that Surekha and Chiranjeevi are having as life partners.

Chiranjeevi's complete dedication to work never seemed an objectionable quality to his wife and when he became a star, he started working even harder and she understood the challenges popularity brings without him stating them out so much.

That awesome relationship and understanding made them stand firm during some public disturbances within their family. They are all a tight-nit family today and all credit goes to Chiru and Surekha.

Hence, Ram Charan called their marriage the best decision ever and he cancelled the shoot of Chiru152 to celebrate it, with all due respect.