Ram Charan Demands An Update From Shankar!

Mon May 17 2021 12:07:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Post 'RRR', Ram Charan announced that his next project is going to be with ace filmmaker Shankar. Charan was highly excited about this pan-Indian project as working with Shankar is a dream for many. This is Charan's 15th film and it will also be the 50th film made under Dil Raju's banner. Fans are hyped up about this movie but Shankar's ongoing war with 'Lyca Productions' is worrying everyone.

Both Shankar and Lyca Productions resorted to legal battle regarding the shooting of 'Indian 2'. The film started long back and post lockdown, it hasn't started again. Both the parties are playing the blame game and it is to be seen who comes out as the winner.

In meanwhile, Ram Charan is reportedly becoming restless. Since his 'RRR' is nearing completion, Charan wants to start his next project immediately without any delay. Grapevine suggests that he demanded an update from Shankar. He reportedly wants to know if the ace director takes up his project immediately or finish 'Indian 2' first.

If Shankar decides to complete 'Indian 2', Charan will be working with another director in the meantime and wrap it up by the time 'Robo' director becomes free. Insiders say that Dil Raju is coordinating with the director and the hero as of now and the decision will be made in the next few days.