Upasana Couldn't Hold Back Her Disappointment!

Sun Oct 27 2019 11:26:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ram Charan talked about Upasana Kamineni Konidela's tweet about Prime Minister Narendra Modi's 150th Gandhi Jayanthi celebrations with Film Fraternity.

Only few bigwigs from South Film industry got invitation while almost entire Bollywood was present at the event. They posted selfies with PM, as well.

Upasana tweeted that she is disappointed in Narendra Modi's unfavourable treatment against South Indian Films and asked Prime Minister, if he identifies only Hindi films as Indian Film Industry.

Khushubu also reacted on this issue in the same vain. Both of them received immense amount of backlash from BJP supporters and Modi 'bhakts'!

Ram Charan in a recent interview said that he got to know about the tweet after a long time and stated that his wife just expressed her disappointment in respectful manner than attacking Prime Minister.

He said that Khusubhu took the issue to next level and he welcomed people to have freedom to state their feelings to anyone without any sort of disrespect.

Well, Upasana took a very brave stand on the issue even though she knew that there will be backlash. One has to appreciate her for that.