Ram Charan Is As Shrewd As Allu Aravind! - Nagababu

Mon Dec 10 2018 18:16:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

We can't say how much did Nagababu observe before making such a statement but he doesn't seem to be person who hypes it up just for the sake of it.

He has no gains whatsoever in saying that he is an average producer but Allu Aravind understands the business well and he is a good producer.

He then said that even Ram Charan is as shrewd as his maternal uncle in handling production. He went on to say about Sye Raa.

He said, "I can't imagine setting up such a project and then acting in another big project like Ram Charan is doing.

He is as calculative as Allu Aravind and if I become a producer again, I will definitely use his techniques too. You can never imagine how big Sye Raa is.

I will do a small soldier character, if it is offered to me! There is a mention of Narasimha Reddy in Jhansi Lakshmi Bai's history too.

You will know much more the first Telugu freedom fighter with this movie. I am happy that Ram Charan is handling the production. It will be a milestone for entire family!"