Ram Charan Late In Finding The Truth!

Thu Dec 01 2022 16:40:08 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Previously, it was quite common for filmmakers to buy the remake rights of every impressive movie in other languages. After selecting the suitable cast and crew, they are remade it in Telugu and scored hits. But things were not the same as before. The movie lovers are quite clever these days and they have the internet at their disposal.

When they find out about a movie, they are searching for it in Google and watching them with the help of subtitles. People in Hyderabad are enjoying movies from Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil directly without any problem. Due to this, there is not much interest left when a Telugu remake arrives and its effect can be clearly seen on the collections of the movie. It looks like Mega Power Star Ram Charan was a bit late in finding this fact.

While speaking to a Mumbai journalist, he said, "If I do a remake, I'd probably ask the producer of the original to not release it on OTT. On those conditions, I may do a remake. If I've seen a movie in theatres and if I like it, I might request him not release on OTT. Maybe I'll be interested. Otherwise, going forward, we'd all prefer to do original scripts."

To give more perspective, he talked about his father Chiranjeevi's latest outing 'Godfather'. He stated, "I've recently released a movie, Godfather. It's a remake of Mohanlal's Lucifer. The film was widely watched on OTT. It did about Rs 145 crore to Rs 150 crore. Yes, we will lose a big chunk of the audience who have already seen the original film on OTT. The audiences might not want to come to theatres to watch the remake."

'Godfather' director Mohan Raja repeatedly asked the audience to watch 'Lucifer' if they want. This strategy backfired as it was available on Amazon Prime Video. The situation is different for 'Thani Oruvan' as people did not know where to watch it 5 years back. That is the main reason why 'Dhruva' became super successful. It looks like Ram Charan may not attempt a remake any time soon both as a hero and a producer.