Ram Charan Moves Out! What Is The Reason Behind It?

Fri Mar 27 2020 15:09:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Previously we used to have so many joint families but with changing times, the size of the families became increasingly smaller. As nuclear families grew in number, joint families became a rare scenario. But there are some families who still live together and Mega family is one among them. The Konidela family lives together and Chiranjeevi's family including his bothers Pawan and Nagababu's families find time to spend with each other.

Even after marriage with Upasana, Ram Charan stayed with Chiranjeevi. But news is that he recently moved out of the house and started live in a new flat along with his wife.
Ram Charan who modified Chiranjeevi's house according to his taste is reportedly not staying there anymore. They are said to be living in an apartment nearby. There were rumours about from a long time but it became stronger when Chiranjeevi and his entire family came out to clap on Janta Curfew day. Charan and Upasana were missing in the video and after some time Ram Charan was seen clapping from the balcony of his apartment which made things clear.

So, Charan much like Allu Arjun, Naga Chaitanya and some of the other younger lot has decided to start living in his own apartment with his family. Sources say that he did just for the sake of privacy and nothing else.