Does Charan Have A Back-Up Plan For Sye Raa?

Thu Jan 17 2019 17:37:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

We all expect box office wonders from Megastar and there are no second thoughts about the ability he possess in pulling the crowd to theaters. His name is enough for first weekend housefulls.

But films these days are coming with big tags and huge budgets. Chiranjeevi has a good name in Tamil Nadu even though his films didn't gain huge market like Rajni here.

In Karnataka, Chiru is no less to any Kannada big star. So, Sye Raa can be said a safe project with limited budget. As off now, the budget estimation by trade pundits for the film is close to Rs. 180 crores.

Huge investment even on Chiranjeevi and the film has to collect big numbers from OS markets, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and even Hindi, to recover entire amount and some profits.

They are looking to follow Baahubali model, but such hits are rare. Even Lyca Productions with Rajnikanth, Shankar, Akshay Kumar couldn't deliver Rs. 1000 crores film as they expected. They did announce that 2.0 collected Rs.700 crores but with budget of Rs. 550 crores, distribution rights have been sold to astronomical rates and movie ended up with losses.

So, can Ram Charan come up with a back up plan after VVR kind off a debacle is the major question? Can he make sure that movie won't be a dud in any case for distributors and exhibitors? We have to wait and see.