Ram Charan Shows The Way To Become Successful!

Thu Jan 13 2022 12:49:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mega Power Star Ram Charan might have entered the film industry as the son of Megastar Chiranjeevi but he had his fair share of hurdles that he managed to cross successfully. He was trolled for his looks and for not showcasing enough emotions through his face. He was also bashed for trying to make an entry in Bollywood with an iconic film like 'Zanjeer'. The mass hero discovered the actor in him and proved his capabilities through 'Rangasthalam'.

He gained a lot of experience over the years and he shared some of gyaan at the musical event of 'Rowdy Boys'. He said, 'To succeed as an actor, more than acting prowess, one should have huge amounts of discipline to come to sets by 7 am and go home only to do workouts. This sounds a little boring but all successful actors do this boring work only. Disciplined people who have lesser talents will succeed more, compared to talented people who have no discipline. This is what my father told me and taught me when I'm making my acting debut, but not acting techniques or such things.'

As we have seen a lot of actors with supreme talent end up being mid-level heroes or slowly fade away from the industry due to controversies and other issues. But many actors with limitations turn out to be huge stars due to their hard work, discipline and intelligence. This is definitely going to help youngsters who are just making their debut on silver screen.