Ram Charan Thanks His Fans For All The Good Deeds!

Sat Jun 05 2021 19:15:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

The second wave of Coronavirus has affected everyone very badly. A lot of people lost their lives due to lack of oxygen cylinders and other facilities. Many people suffered a lot during this period. People are hoping to find the light at the end of this dark tunnel soon and the only silver lining in this nightmare is how people came forward to help each other during these uncertain times.

Megastar Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan did a lot of work in order to help the people in need. A good intention always gets a lot of support and it was their fans who did a lot of social service too. Hero Ram Charan decided to thank his fans and released a special letter to them.

He said that he is enquiring about all the social service activities which are being done by the fans and he thanked them wholeheartedly for their kind heart in helping the people in need no matter tough it is. He even praised their dedication.

This heartfelt letter from their hero is sure to give a major boost to the Mega fans. On the work front, Ram Charan is doing 'RRR' with Rajamouli and he announced another pan-Indian project with ace director Shankar.