Jr NTR Poster Tearing Scene: Who Don't Want It?

Sat Mar 09 2019 13:50:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Lakshmi Parvathi kept saying that she was the one who made NTR accept Harikrishna's Second Wife Shalini as Daughter-in-Law and Jr NTR as his Grandson. She revealed, 'Jr NTR's Mother used to call her frequently and Tarak called her 'Nanamma' when NTR was alive. After NTR passed away, Tarak has thrown away my pictures from NTR's house'.

As per the buzz, RGV included a scene of a kid tearing the posters of Lakshmi Parvathi in NTR's house in Lakshmi's NTR. By doing so, Varma gave ample hints that the kid here is Junior.

Speculations have surfaced that Jr NTR's Father-in-Law Narne Srinivas has sent feelers to RGV and Rakesh Reddy for removal of that sequence from Lakshmi's NTR after joining YSRCP. Is it believable?

First of all, Narne Srinivas needn't have to join YCP for making RGV remove the controversial scene. Secondly, He himself clarified Tarak has no role what-so-ever in his entry into YCP. Most importantly, Jr would lose nothing even if Varma includes such a scene in Lakshmi's NTR.