Watch: Junior Artiste Puri Jagannath Introduced!

Mon Jun 24 2019 19:38:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Puri Jagannath is a protege of Ram Gopal Varma. The crazy filmmaker continued the close association with RGV since the shoot of 'Shiva' in the late 80s.

Today, Varma shared a video clip of the popular song 'Botany Patamundhi Matinee Aatavundi' from 'Shiva'. He pointed out that the Junior Artiste in Blue Shirt dancing for the song along with Amala and bunch of men is none other than Puri Jagannath. 'Hey Puri Jagan...What a journey!,' he commented.

Soon, Puri Jagannath offered a namaskar to his Mentor agreeing with his comment. Then, RGV opined Puri Jagan proved that an individual can reach anywhere if he/she is talented.