Ram Gopal Varma Shares A Controversial Photo Edit!

Sun Mar 24 2019 17:20:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

We don't know if someone is sending these photo edits to Ram Gopal Verma or is he getting them done by himself. But the man is able keep his movie, Lakshmi's NTR afloat in social media eyes.

The director shared an edit of his face being morphed to fit the face of NTR and now, he morphed an image of CBN with his grand kid.

The image here can be easily made out that it is morphed but RGV himself sharing it is making it controversial.

RGV shared that he will definitely release the movie on 29th March and he is confident that all the censor problems will be vanished before release.

There is also a news that a National Party is helping him further to clear the troubles and release the movie before elections.

Now, this kind of an edit shows how much RGV got used to publicity in the name sense of humour.