RGV Wants Cyberabad Police To Be His Son-In-Law

Sun Jul 21 2019 11:18:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

The other day, Ram Gopal Varma drew the attention of Telangana State Police by sharing pictures of himself violating the traffic norms with triple riding. He even dared to comment, 'Where is the Police? I think they are all into the theatre to watch iSmart Shankar'.

Cyberabad Traffic offered a befitting reply to the Maverick Filmmaker. While thanking him for reporting Traffic Violations, Cops maintained they expect the same responsibility from Varma when it comes to following the traffic rules as well. In addition, Cyberabad Traffic added, 'Why only theatres? Traffic Police see a lot of drama, circus like below on roads every minute'.

Nobody could even guess how RGV reacted on the sharp response. He conveyed, '@cyberabadpolice garu, I love you and I want to kiss you non stop for39 days for the fantastic work you are doing. If I had a second daughter, I would have requested you to be My Son-in-Law'.

Public wonder when would RGV end this non-stop madness. What would he gain other than attention with such activities?