What Are The Pluses And Minuses For Laxmi's NTR?

Wed Mar 20 2019 14:25:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Laxmi's NTR is most probably going to release on 29th March. It almost looks certain that Ram Gopal Verma is going to release the movie for sure as High Court and Election Commission did not object for release.

Once he gets censor clearance, RGV might just announce the movie date with a huge chest thump on social media.

So, let's look at the plus and minus points for the film!


* The release date for the film just before elections, is a huge plus.

* Augustya Manju, a new director would have taken care of the taking of the movie as RGV seems to have lost his touch.

* The trailers and teasers have been really good and they caught the eyes of viewers too.

*Controversies and political agitations will help the film to get more attention.


* RGV has become all about grabbing attention and then delivering nothing.

* Actors don't look to have much screen presence to hold auditorium for 2 hours.

* People could fear political parties getting involved and agitating at the theatres.

* Movie could end up being just what all we read in newspapers, heard in interviews, therefore, underwhelming.

Let's wait for the official confirmation from the man himself on the release date and speculate further.