Tiger KCR Will Be Against Them: Varma

Mon Apr 22 2019 19:41:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ram Gopal Varma clarified 'Tiger KCR' isn't against Andhra People but those few Andhra Leaders who created humiliating situations for Telangana People.

Interestingly, Varma opined KCR loved all Telugu People and his war was only against those Andhra Leaders who were backstabbing Telanganites.

To those who kept asking him about the First Look of 'Tiger KCR', Ram Gopal Varma didn't hesitate to call them dumbos while explaining the video shared by him itself is the first look of the biopic. 'If the intention of a first look is to convey the intent of the film I think this video conveys it much better than any poster or teaser..Grow up guys and think smart !,' he said.

In the video, RGV crooned a Song with controversial Lyrics: 'Na Bhasha Meeda Navvindru...Ma Mukala Meeda Usinav...Ma Bodila Meeda Nadisinav Androda...Vastunna, Vastunna...Ni Thatatiyyaniki Vastunna'.