Ram Gopal Varma starts Allu Arjun Bhajana again

Tue Jan 18 2022 08:26:51 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Ram Gopal Varma is back at it again. For reasons best known to him, Varma has been hyping Allu Arjun for a long time now. Not so long ago, he made some hungama, saying Allu Arjun is the real megastar of Indian cinema. Now, Varma is back to doing Allu Arjun Bhajana again.

'Without doubt @alluarjun is modern day @rajinikanth due to his intrinsic conviction and outrinsic attitude ..Simply put he is @rajinikanth X 10 and others like in the @KChiruTweets family tree don't even compare..His father   #alluaravind should be MEGA proud of his creation.' Varma tweeted

'Though he is not directly connected to the mega blood tree , @alluarjun is the only MEGA in the MEGA FAMiLY and he will soon become OMEGA. In future in entire india all the members of the mega family will be known only as just @alluarjun 's relatives,' Varma added.

Varma went on to tweet that 'My friendly advise to all family members of mega family tree is to not even try to gain the thundering success of @alluarjun on a PAN INDIA level .. #alluaravind 's son single handedly changed the pseudonym MEGA into ALLU ..in future MEGA is below ALLU and ALLU is above MEGA.'

One can only wonder what is the story behind RGV's newly found fascination on Allu Arjun.