RGV To Make Lakshmi's NTR A Musical?

Wed Dec 19 2018 16:05:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ram Gopal Verma is known for making movies with minimal songs and at times he doesn't have any songs in his movies too.

But Lakshmi's NTR will have eight songs and they all will be semi-classical, it seems.  The songs will come in the background and it will be almost like a musical it seems.

A young music composer is taking care of the audio while RGV is busy shooting the movie with a casting that he will only reveal when the movie is ready it seems.

As biopics of political leaders shouldn't release during the election time, he is planning to release in February, it seems.

In his film, he will not have any remix songs but will have NTR seen from the perspective of Lakshmi Parvathi through out the film, with his voice over it seems.